I’ve been a lector since high school — highly extraverted!  I’ve trained lectors in several parishes over the years.

I absolutely love the Word.  Hopefully, people who want to lector love the Word as well, and have a good reading voice, and are comfortable in front of people, so as to make good eye contact.

The Ministry of Lector proclaims the Word of God in the assembly – and it is such an honor and an opportunity!  We speak aloud the Word that is 2000, 2500, or 3000 years old.  These words have been used in public worship that long! And we bring our own love of God to the proclamation so the listeners might each hear God’s message in their mind and spirit. When we speak the Word of God, we become God’s messenger, God’s “mouthpiece”.

Each week, I prepare the coming Sunday’s 1st and 2nd readings with background on the selection, and suggestions for emphasis, emotions, and eye contact.  You can find them here on my YouTube channel.

I am also available for Lector Enrichment workshops.  Just connect with me via email.

I received a compliment one time: “You read that like you wrote it!”
That felt like I accomplished true lectoring.
That felt like I had truly melted into, and melded with, the Word.

Glory be to God!