Trauma Therapy

• EMDR, Feeling-State Addiction Protocol
• Ego State Therapy, Dissociative Disorders
• Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Pertinent Counseling Experience and Faith Sharing

• Adjunct Professor, Baker University SPGS: Psychology, Sociology
• Adjunct Professor, Newman University: Sacramental Theology, Forgiveness
• Chaplain, 12-Step Program (volunteer)
• Counselor, Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats (volunteer)
• Faith Education: Parenting presentations, Sacraments course, The Bible, Church History, Lector Training & Interpretation, Children’s Liturgy
• Parenting Education: “Active Parenting” program
• Retreats: Liturgical Ministries, Lector Enrichment, Day of Reflection
• Prepare-Enrich Marriage preparation program
• Resources for Faith Development: Generations of Faith, Liturgical Ministers, Bible studies
• School Counselor and Religion Teacher
• USD 259 Social Worker, Psychology Teacher

Local Professional Workshops and Presentations

HopeNet: workshops and EMDR mentoring
EMDR: SE KS Network workshops
MBTI for various businesses
Visual presentations (“Psycholo-tree” at Holy Savior Church)



Faith and “fun”

Day of Reflection:
Walking the Camino de Santiago